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After nearly 25 years of trading around the world, the professionals at Worldwide Marketing Company, Inc understand how to bridge cultural gaps through respect of cultures and customs that define people all over the world.  Please allow Worldwide Marketing Company, Inc to be your liaison to the world’s buyers and sellers. 


Worldwide Marketing Company, Inc is a leader in the global trading market.  Our company headquarters is located in the Washington DC metropolitan area, with a regional office in Washington DC, USA and Dubai, UAE and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  Worldwide Marketing Company, Inc has numerous clients in the Americas, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and CIS countries.


If you are in the market for a product or service, raw materials or components for commerce, industry or technology, Worldwide Marketing Company, Inc can consummate the deal.  We have our mandate contacts, factories, refineries around the world to find your needs. We search the world to find you the best product for the best price and the most receptive market. Our vast resources enable us to solve the most perplexing purchasing and product development problems. 


Sasan Nikkhah


Mike Shahidi

Vice President

Abraham Kalantary, AIA

Executive Director


Amir P. Guerami


Matthew P. Gorman