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Jaleh Kazemi

Representative Turkey


Direct: + 90-535-771-5911

Main Office USA:+1-301-345-0030


Ahmad Babazadeh

Representative Afghanistan


Direct: + 1-202-391-4323

Main Office USA: +1-301-345-0030



Saeed Koorki

Representative Iran


Direct: + 912-124-4312

Main Office USA:+1-301-345-0030


Dr. Hossein AzadiĀ 

Worldwide Representative


Direct: + 1-301-237-8485

Main Office USA: +1-301-345-0030


Esmail MirMozaffari

Worldwide Representative

Direct: +1-202-280-9807

Main Office USA:+1-301-345-0030


Kemal Yazar
Representative Turkey located in Texas






New Career Opportunity


Worldwide Marketing Company, Inc is actively seeking sales representatives around the world to be part of the company's growth and success. The candidate should have the following qualifications and desire to advance and succeed:


1. Minimum three years of experience in international trade and commerce.

2. General knowledge of international banking and finance.

3. Speak and write English and ability to communicate effectively.


All candidates please email your resume to Mike Shahidi at mike@worldwidemarketingcompany.com for immediate consideration.